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Coffee Break- Check List

Grab a cup of coffee and self-reflect on our checklist below.

A failure to evolve is a failure to remain sustainable. We put together a self-checklist for you to evaluate whether your department/organization is still doing some of these practices that should be outdated.

  • Do you charge your volunteers annual membership dues?

  • Do you require an application fee for volunteers?

  • Do you still allow the general membership the ability to "vote in" or "vote out" members?

  • Do you fail to recognize length of service from other departments?

  • Do you require administrative leadership roles to have operational training requirements?

  • Do all bills/expenditures have to be voted on by the general membership?

  • Do you require your members to attend a certain number of "company meetings"?

  • Do you place additional importance of administrative tasks on operational members?

  • Do you restrict probationary members to be at the station at only certain times or when certain individuals are there?

  • Do you restrict the involvement level of probationary members?

  • Do probationary members need to be "voted on" by the membership to come off probation?

Need assistance with working through these changes? Contact us today!

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