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Add Census Data to your Strategy

Most departments have a response area that does not necessarily stop with a zipcode or other geographical marker. So how can you figure out census data that reflects your district and community? The Census Bureau provides an online mapping tool that allows you to draw out your district and provides you with a comprehensive report of data. This includes population demographics, wages, businesses, spending trends, and other relevant information.

Why is the information important? Well for a couple of reasons. You can use this data for:

  • grant purposes

  • proposal for new services

  • proposal for additional funding with state and local governments

  • information for the production of an annual report

  • developing a realistic fundraising strategy

  • developing a realistic marketing strategy (for example, your district is full of people under the age of 40 and you can't understand why you have a poor return on your direct mail campaign.)

  • creating social media content to educate your community

  • information to share at community meetings

... and so much more.

Want to check it out?

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